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The Islamic Center, Washington, D.C.
The Islamic Center in the American capital, Washington, D.C., located at 2551 Massachusetts Avenue, has been a site for two simultaneous congregational prayers since March 5, 1983. There is a Jumu‘ah (Friday) prayer service that is held inside the mosque and another one outside the mosque at the same time every week for the past 24 years. This congregational division of Muslims also happens during the two major Islamic holidays (Eid al-Fitr and ‘Eid al-Adha).
Many people ask: but why?

Background Information

The Islamic Center (IC) in Washington, D.C. was established during the 1950's and registered as a trust. The reason for that, it is said, is to give the IC as close a description and “legal status” to a mosque as possible. Being that there is no such concept as waqf in American legality, a trust comes as close to waqf as is possible. From the 1950's until 1979 the administration of the IC was a function of the accredited embassies to Washington. And due to the political climate of those times, the Egyptian embassy was tasked with appointing the Imam to the IC. Other supportive positions were agreed upon by a committee of seven ambassadors who would rotate on a two year basis. During the 1950's and 1960's the number of Muslims in the Washington metropolitan area was scanty. But then during the 1970's the number of Muslims began to increase and multiply. And due to this demographic fact in addition to developments within the Islamic world (the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Islamic Uprising in Syria, the Camp David Accords, the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the instability in Iraq, etc...) the Muslim community in Washington decided to elect the administration at the IC. The process of elections took almost two years of preparations and convincing. Finally, during the last Friday in the month of November 1981, the Muslim congregation in Washington held the first ever election at the IC after Friday prayers. And, as a result of that election, a new administration was now charged with the daily and occasional responsibilities of an Islamic Center/Mosque.

Following this election, the Saudi Arabian embassy began interfering in the internal affairs of the Islamic Center. It was due to this intervention by the Saudi Embassy that the Islamic Center would receive no more mail deliveries. Therefore, the IC had to obtain a Post Office address. The telephone number of the Islamic Center was also disconnected, and the IC had to obtain a new telephone number. But the elected administration was selfless in discharging its Islamic responsibilities and did so in the best Islamic tradition.
The elected administration (11 members) held regular shura meetings. They conducted Islamic classes in the masjid every week. They also welcomed other Muslims who sought Islamic study circle activities in the masjid. All in all, the IC had become a hub of activities that for the first time were generated by the peoples’ devotion and enthusiasm.

On the morning of Saturday March 5, 1983 just before salat al-fajr an assortment of law enforcement agencies and their functionaries forced the elected Imam, Mohammad al-‘Asi and his family out of the IC. The IC was locked and off limits to all Muslims. And the “justification” for that was (as announced by Saudi Embassy related personnel) that they had information that a cache of arms was in the IC; and in addition to that the IC had to be closed for a couple of weeks for repair work and renovations. The IC remained closed for over three months.
During this time period, Imam Mohammad al-‘Asi conducted all congregational prayers on the lawn of the IC. But that also became off-limits as the Saudi Embassy placed an iron fence around the IC making it impossible for congregational prayers to be conducted on the lawn in front of the Center. So the congregational prayers were now held on the side-walk.

On ‘Eid al-Fitr in July 1983 – without prior notice – the doors of the IC were opened early in the morning and all Muslims began streaming into the IC for ‘Eid prayers. During the time of the takbirat (leading to the salat) the Washington, DC metropolitan police entered the IC and arrested Imam Mohammad al-‘Asi and fifty other Muslims and took them to jail. They spent ‘Eid in jail and were released the following day. They were charged with two counts of “unlawful entry into the mosque” and “disturbing a religious service.” These are misdemeanor charges which would normally be prosecuted in a week or so. But this trial of these fifty or so Muslims continued for four long months. Every day the defendants were required to show up in court. And at the end of this extended trial the judge dropped the charge of “disturbing a religious service.” But the jury after one full week of deliberations came out and said that the Muslims are guilty of unlawful entry into the mosque! The Muslims had to pay a fine and do community service. And since then there has been a security arrangement at the IC to prevent these Muslims from entering the Masjid.
The decision was appealed but was not overturned. The appeal decision can be read here.
Since then, the outdoor Friday and ‘Eid prayers continue every week and every year – rain or shine, in the dead heat of summer and on the ice of winter.

During the past twenty one years there have been attempts at reconciliation. Many Muslims who come to the Islamic Center in Washington, DC are frustrated and disappointed to see what is happening there every week. And some of them on different occasions tried to arbitrate this affair. And it would seem like a solution is near but it has always been the retort of the Saudi ambassador, Bandar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, (who incidently or not took over from his predecessor Feisal al-Hejeilan during the IC crisis in or around 1982), to rebuff any rapprochement. Therefore, the whole affair remains in its current deadlock.

If there is to be an amicable winding-down of this travesty of justice the current Saudi imposed administration and its superiors in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, DC have to realize:
1- Muslims have a God-given right to enter the masjid (the Islamic Center, 2551 Massachuset Avenue) without any conditions or stipulations.
2- Muslims have the God-given right to speak and listen to other Muslims at that premise without any conditions or stipulations.
3- Muslims have a God-given right to work for bay‘at and shura (elections and discussion leading to decisions) without any conditions or stipulations.
All of the above, of course, shall be done according to the Quran and the Sunnah.
4- Alternatively, the Saudi Arabian government may want to consider providing the Muslims whom they have barred and banned from the IC with an equivalent or commensurate Center for the purposes thereof.
Along with this Saudi Arabian interference in the internal affairs of Muslims in Washington, DC at the IC, the Saudi Arabian government has banned Imam Mohammad al-‘Asi from going to Hajj. His first attempt at going to Hajj was in 1984. He could only go as far as Italy; and there he was denied boarding the connecting flight to Jeddah. Even though he was issued a valid hajj visa from the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Washington, DC, and even though he had obtained a letter from the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Madrid, Spain (the transit point to Jeddah).
In the subsequent years (1985, 1986, 1987) the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Washington, DC refused to issue him a Hajj visa. Imam Muhammad al-‘Asi was finally told via the consular official who issued the first visa himself (Mr. Muhammad Abu al-Hamayel) that the Saudi Consulate in Washington, DC has instructions from the Interior Minister, prince Nayef ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz, not to issue any visa of any sort (hajj, ‘umrah, commercial, visit) to Mohammad al-‘Asi.

This has to stop. A Muslim should be able to go to hajj and ‘umrah without these types of harassments and unnecessary obstructions from Saudi diplomats and officials.

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Abu Muhammed: Masha'Allah- this is soooooooooooooooooo refreshing. Finally there comes a person who can see through all the mess and fanaticism and say this is where sunnis are right and this infomation of theirs is a bit dicey; this is where the shi'as are right and this infomation of there's is a bit dicey.It will take a while, but insha'Allah the seed must sprout.What's from Allah is forever everything else must and will perish.Well done to an imam with a universal appeal to all Muslims- you remind us of Sayd Qutb.
Observer: What a joke?I think Chaudry should attend the Jum'ah and Eid outside the ISlamic Center to dispel his ignorance. He will surely find himself praying in the direction of the Ka'bah if he is following this jama'ah.
Abu Abdur-Rahman: If "Chaudry Imran" had any substance to what he's saying, howcome the Imam is referenced in the Qur'an and the Prophet's (s) sunnah. Howcome no one want's to engage in the discussion on the issue but rather slander?O Imam- Seeing the you're with Allah and His Prophet- we're with you.
Chaudhry Imran: The background information has concealed the faith/believes of Imama Asi. He is a HABASHI cult like nation of Islam. Their theology is conglomeration of Shiaism, Sufiism, Ibadiyaism and also Sunniism. They call Ali Ibn Talib (R) as Imam Ali like Shia. Their prayer Kiblah in America is Southeast direction, not as regular Muslims Kibla Northeast. They do not pray with Sunni Imam. There are so many reasons why Saudi took the control of IC from derailed Akhidah.
Imran: AssalaamualaykumCheck out these videos by Imam Muhammed Al-Asi on Hamas =7142646595370043446and The Occupiers of Palestine =1152224013316806488
Abu Abdurahman: thanx for those doing the textstexts on
Abu Uthman: Can't agree more with nbdinz, but then again, you expect this type of behavior from the Saudis and their types who roam in Islamic gear but don't serve Islam.
nbdinz: An example of how Muslims should not treat one another. Ever.
anonymous: Salaams...may thisspread like wildfire, so that more Muslims will become enlightened. May Allah give us more Imams like this and more Jam'aat like this. Jazakumullah Kullu hair
Abu Muhammed: The Saudi rulers should be put to the sword even if they are "found behind the curtains of the ka'ba". This comments don't stem only and solely out of their atrocity against these Muslims outside the W DC IC, it stem out of the generations of treason that they have institutionalised against Allah, The Prophet (s) and the Muslims. Their policies have been to the detriment of Islam and to the construction of kufr.
Imran ibn Abdullah (Al-Imraat): Assalaamualaykum- it's not about thawaab only- it's a matter of consciousness and carrying the responsibility that Allahs Prophet and those who were with him carried into Makkah when it was occupied. I think that it's this shallow understanding of Islam by people that also distorts Islam and retards our development towards khulafa' al-ard lillah. May Allah guide us to his Qur'an and His Prophet's way so that we can straiten our thoughts so that we can straiten our actions.
Matthew: Why are Muslims maniacs and full of hate even to their own kind? So much for honor.God bless America!
azim: salaam alaikum!may ALLAH (SWT) accept your sincere efforts on continuing HIS message and not stopping at anything.may ALLAH guide us all and help us be on a straight path.
Mohideen Ibramsha: May I suggest that Imam Muhammad al-'Asi apply for a Hajj visa for every Hajj until Allah SWT takes him? Every time the Saudis deny him the visa, all that he needs to do is don the Ihram on the day it is donned by Muslims at Jeddah and offer his sacrifice anywhere he lives and shave his head. That is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammafd, peace be upon him, at Hudaibiyah. Inshah Allah Imam Muhammad al-'Asi would receive the reward of Hajj every year he does so.May Allah SWT restore the control of His house, Kabah, to the true believers. Aameen, Aameen, Ya Rabbil Aalameen.When you get time visit my web and guide me if I am wrong.
Muntazir (Philippines): I have just happened to visit your site and couldn't hold myself but to shed tears for knowing the nature of jihad of Imam Muhammad al-'Asi and his faithful jama'ah for over two decades against the modern-day nakithun and qasitun.To Rahul:* I suggest you to include the context of what Zafar Bangash has said.* "I DON'T express those views in the mosque" is not identical with "I CAN'T express those views in the mosque". The former is a preference not to exercise or enjoy one's right while the latter is an inability (usually imposed by others) to exercise or enjoy the same.
Rahul: Your group states above that "Muslims have the God-given right to speak and listen to other Muslims at that premise without any conditions or stipulations". Yet one of your allies, Zafar Bangash of Toronto has told CTV: "I have certain views with respect to US policy or Israeli policy...But I don't express those views in the mosque. THE MOSQUE IS SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT." (Monday, Feb. 5, 2007, Who is right? It can't be both of you.
Abdallah (SAR): AssalaamualikumMay Allah Reward all of you for the sacrifice and exposing to the world what you have exposed. The Imam is on a big catch- May Allah grant him success- you can easily take these khutbahs and apply it to other areas in the world and they will fit almost perfectly in describing the empty headed Masaajid that we have. I'm not in the USA, but the attitude and psychology that is expounded upon and exposed applies- i guess it all goes to show the influence of the rotten clan of Al-Saud and the effect of having so-called "Muslim" leaders, scholars, activists and "Ulema" who want to solve problems but cannot put their PRINCIPLES ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR STOMACHS.
anonymous: Salaamun AlaikumThese Saudis have to sort out the mess that they started and they have to sort it out in a manner that is acceptable to the oppressed party and not by trying to sweep it under the carpet.
Imran ibn Abdullah : AssalaamualikumI think buying another place won't solve the problem at it's root. May Allah reward this committed/principled group of muslims who probably along with the physical climatic harshness also have to deal with a lot of psychological harshness. I appreciate their sacrifice for it has been an eye-opener for me. If they just disappeared, as would be the easy thing to do, I'm pretty sure many Muslims would not know the hypocrisy of the USA who preaches global democracy but can't uphold it in its backyard as well as the Saudi hypocrisy that preaches Islam but can't uphold a tenet of Islamic governance called Shura or mutual consultation.Let's not forget that the Imam was elected by the Muslims- which fulfils the elemants of Freedom of Choice, Expression, Shura etc. AL-MUQAWAMAH MUSTAMIRRA; AL-MUQAWAMAH MUSTAMIRRA; AL-MUQAWAMAH MUSTAMIRRAALLAH-HU-AKBAR; ALLAH-HU-AKBAR; ALLAH-HU-AKBARWa Salaamualikum
Hafiz Abdul Mannan Akram Attari (California, USa): ALsalam Alaikum wrwb, America did tht all stuff and maked Saudi's to do tht. Its because the ISlamic center was in a major place and they dont want any ISlam or Musalmaan. so thts why they closed it. My advice is to buy some other place there and make another Islamic center !
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THE STREET MIMBAR Khutbah (28 September 2007)
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It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the
criminals may become clear.
Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
Ma’sharal Mu’minun; Brothers and sisters- Committed Muslims....

audio on (27-10-2006)

We live in a time (to put it mildly) that is very challenging. We need not go into the details of what is happening locally or globally concerning Muslims who are dedicated, sincere and struggling in the cause and sake of Allah; but there appears to be an element that is intruding on our pursuit of As-Siraatul Mustaqeem. That element is the element of fear. It is alien to a Muslim attitude; it doesn’t belong in a Muslim psychology; it is misleading in a Muslim social order and we have to surmount it. We all submit that our way out of the condition that some of us may find ourselves in is to follow in the footsteps of Rasulillah. We don’t know in his glorious and pace-setting lifetime and lifestyle that he had emitted one iota or one scintilla of fear and he had gone through trying times both in Makkah and in Al-Madinah. One of the most trying times is obviously when he was at the warfront and when the forces seemed to be overwhelming or over-running the Prophet and the committed and struggling Muslims with him and around him. When Muslims felt they were vulnerable at these times of sacrifices, the words of Allah were soothing to their hearts and they were enlightening their path. As these words go- this is the description and definition of those who have committed themselves and their lives to Allah even when it comes to the moments and the minutes in which they feel their power is less then the opponent, Allah says- here we have the band of committed Muslims under the leadership of Rasulillah
and they are told that the forces have collected themselves against you or the forces out there have regrouped to take you on (Surah Aal-Imran verse 173)
The powers that be- military and political powers; the power of the mass media and advanced military technology- all of this is arrayed against you. What do you suppose was the response? Did they feel that they had to negotiate their way out of this predicament? Did they feel that they had to go back to the drawing board and recalculate their policies and reconfigure their strategy? No- none of that! When these types of developments begin to unfold in the world around,
that only contributes to a further commitment or a redoubling of efforts (Surah Aal-Imran verse 173)
and not caving in to these Shayateen and their proxies around. This is the testing ground, time and field of all of those who say that they are committed to Allah. You are not going to be left to a verbalization of commitment. We are not going to have an excuse of saying “Oh- well we spoke the words of imaan.”
Do you think- do people think that they are going to be left alone just for the sake of verbalizing the words of imaan without being exposed to the elements of fitnah? (Surah Al-Ankabut verse 2)
This is not the way imaan operates; this is not the way the Prophet taught us? How many times do we read in the Qur’an (and most of us I hope are diligent readers and reciters and are attuned to the meanings of this holy script)
there is no fear that overcomes them nor do they grieve (Surah Yunus verse 62)
If we were to take it into medical terms they don’t suffer from any symptoms of neurosis nor depression. So why? The Prophet of Allah- as we are familiar with his history- was exposed to overwhelming forces and powers of the establishment and the status quo. Didn’t they come to him in the midst of the Haram and taunt him and say bad words to him? They even spilled the guts of a slaughtered animal upon him. Is there any indication in the books of Seerah anywhere (you can take your own book of preferred book of Seerah) do you sense an iota of fear in him? Never! He was excommunicated from his own society- the same society that acknowledged that he was as-saadiq al-ameen. For three years, when Muslims had to chew on leather as nourishment because they had no nutrition available to them, was there any indication or inference of fear in the Prophet or in those who were with him? To the contrary, the Prophets (alaihim as-salaam) themselves did not fear for their lives nor those who were with them. When the Prophet saw the torture of Ammaar and Aal Yaasir (radi Allahu anhum), he said bear it with steadfastness and perseverance- verily your promise is the recompense of Al-Jannah. He didn’t say “wait a minute here, this whole thing is going in the wrong direction, we have to think of a plan and infiltrate the establishment and the aristocracy of Makkah”; or “let us get our own Muslim people on the inside of the Makkan governing body.” Can anyone refer us to any incident in his holy life in which he contemplated these types of ideas?! These Prophets had fear, but they feared for society and the people around them. How many times is it stated in the Qur’an the words of these Prophets throughout history?
My people, I fear for you the torment of an excruciating day (Surah Hud verse 26)
There was no fear for self or for the committed Muslims; the fear was for those who have gone astray and wayward in life. Compare that qualitative fear with the cowardly fear that is expressed, especially by some people and individuals who are in positions to speak the truth but don’t have the courage to say and state the truth. The Prophet of Allah in a hadith (that is not quoted very often) says the best form of struggle is to express the truth in the face of a tyrant ruler. Where are the Muslims of this quality (we may ask)? They are far and in between and that may explain the cyclical reversals we are going through. This is not meant to point a finger at anyone particular individual, as much as it is to try to diagnose the condition that we are in so that we may by pass this and become the God-made leaders of humanity. It’s easy to quote an ayah which is quoted very frequently
You are the choicest of people evolved from amongst Mankind… (Surah Aal-Imran verse 110)
It’s easier said than done. Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims- we have a responsibility to the people around us. This responsibility is not going to be discharged as long as some of us feel inferior and others feel that they have to jump on the political band-wagon around. We have to do this job ourselves, and if we don’t have the confidence that comes from being with Allah, we disqualify.

Brothers and sisters, Muslims of commitment on As-Siraat Al-Mustaqeem…
There’s an ayah that says
Indeed, those who are muttaqis- who are ever vigilant of Allah’s power presence in human affairs- are as much as being passively influenced by Ash-Shaytaan, they regain their God-consciousness and that results in them becoming people with insight in
We are vulnerable to the passing influence of Ash-Shaytaan. We are human beings, but that results in us going up a degree and elevating ourselves a rank.
If we are passively or in a passing way influenced by Ash-Shaytaan, our consciousness is revivified. We ask Allah that the predicament that we find ourselves in (whether it is here, in this country or thousands of miles away across the ocean) and that what we are going through is only that passing influence of Ash-Shaytaan so that we may regain consciousness at a higher level and proceed with baseerah..

I just got a note here saying (obviously I’m not from this area) there’s a two year old from the Kaskas family who is in critical condition; a brother who passed away from the family of Ma’aali; another brother, Simon, who had a mental breakdown; Al-Imam Jaleel Al-Ameen who has been behind bars for 6 years and other such and equivalent conditions of the Muslims around the world that we should become cognizant of, therefore we raise our hands and plead and beseech Allah and say the following…


THE STREET MIMBAR Khutbah (05 October 2007)
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It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the
criminals may become clear.
Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.
Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.
Brothers and Sisters, Committed Muslims....

audio on (20-10-2006)

These are Allah’s words
We have decreed in the book upon the Children of Isra’eel- that you will cause havoc on earth twice (Surah Al-Isra’ verse 4)
Let us approach these meanings with composure, thinking minds and with the facts of the world around us. We are told by people who speak into our heads night and day and through the mass media around- they have plenty of channels to communicate their misinformation. They tell us that the Israelis stand for peace and they want to live just like everyone else. We compare this barrage of statements coming from yahudi sources- through yahudi and non-yahudi channels- (number one), with the facts of life and we realise that these yahudis, these Zionist Israelis are a factor (if not the main factor) in the warfare against, us the committed Muslims when it comes to aggressive wars in our countries and among our people. How can you- thinking Muslim- square the facts of life with the propaganda that seeks to display or exhibit the Israelis and the Zionists as people who are out for peace in this world? They launch wars- how many times in our (how old are we? 40, 50 maybe 60 years old?)- in these limited years that we have, how many times have we been subject to the acts, instigations, and launching of war and the effects of bloody warfare policy that they lurk behind? It is historical, timely and current that their hands are plotting, instigating and pulling the trigger in the wars of 1947, 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2006. Allah says
Allah has ordained in His registrar that you- the Children of Isra’eel- shall cause chaos, global corruption in the history of man twice. (Surah Al-Isra’ verse 4)
Do we not see that the contemporary intrigue, the high positions and the deep penetration of Bani Isra’eel into the power structure of this world as a fulfilment of the meaning of this ayah? We have no time to go into the historical character and details of Bani Isra’eel- suffice it in the context that we are in and the occasion we are honouring- this day of Al-Quds in the world- to look at the criminals of Zionism in the world. We may part for a moment- because Allah’s wisdom is yet to be apprehended- we have some of our brothers (we repeat, we don’t know how or why) who have been contaminated with a percentage of fear (we are trying to calibrate our words). These brothers have become afraid to speak the truth. Why? What’s wrong? If there’s a government around us or some forces and powers who deem it against the law to speak the truth- well, come-on, tell us; we welcome your frankness and candidness if you come and say that it is against the law to speak the truth. When that becomes the law of the land, we will deal with that issue that time. But there’s no law. We know of no law, precedent, regulation or procedure that tells us we cannot express the truth as we see it. Why (we address ourselves) have we encountered some individuals who are afraid to combine some words together? They are afraid to say in public- just like we are saying here, we have nothing to hide- people who have something to hide are criminals; there’s something up their sleeve and that’s why they hide themselves and their words. We have nothing to hide! If we have to combine words together to express a fact, then we will do that. Hence, we will say “criminal Zionists” and “Zionist criminals”- because that’s the fact of the matter. How do we define or describe crooks, criminals, hoodlums and hooligans who have planned and plotted the theft of a country? We’re not speaking about a simple thief who steals a car or even a building; we are speaking about an organised crime syndicate called Zionists who have stolen a country and then we have Muslims who are afraid to say the Zionists have stolen a people’s country. They didn’t do that with skill or style; when they stole Palestine, they rendered millions of Palestinians without any homes and without a homeland. How thuggish do want criminals to be for you (whoever is inflicted with this false fear) or how much does it take for a criminal to be a criminal for you to speak the truth? They steal a country, and not any country- this is a Holy country. They didn’t go to a remote area of the world, they went to the centre of the world and then they stole it from its rightful and legal occupants- historically and currently. They did this with the whole world watching and they cowed the materialistic proportion of this world- people who are looking for a dollar and begging for a livelihood- these are the ones they cowed into silence and submission. In the meantime, they victimise not only the Palestinians, but the Muslims. (Take a) look at them today. (Take a) look at the Zionist political and military war criminals. They are scurrying the earth (and) going from country to country (and) speaking to this official and that official. What’s on the Zionist mind? They are disturbed and they are loosing sleep. Why? Because independent Muslims are building their military prowess. Independent Muslims are no longer relying on Zionist or indirect Zionist sources for their military power, economic staying power or for their political clout. These Zionist yahudis look around and they identify- believe us brothers and sisters, they know who’s who- a Muslim who is a true Muslim in his heart and mind; not the second-hand, sickerphant and inferior Muslim- all of these are in the Zionist pocket and they perform their pilgrimage to the Zionist banks. They look at the Muslims who have stood out of this historical rubble and this contemporary ruin and they see there are Muslims in Iran, Lebanon and Occupied Palestine who are no longer willing to take orders from the Zionist dummies and the Zionist puppets. We don’t say this as a matter of exaggeration or hyperbole, we say this as a matter of trying to describe the accurate facts. How long has this Palestinian issue been in the possession of what we may call Arabian governments, regimes and administrations (in Arab countries) who have been taking this Palestinian issue in and out of the international forums for the pass half century. They have been begging and pleading for the Palestinians in the United Nations. During the time of the Cold War- the polarisation between Washington and Moscow- they were trying to play one side against the other and at the end of the day, they tell us- the Muslims- we are doing this for the cause of the Palestinians and we went from one military debacle to the next. In the 1940’s, a string of these official Arabian beseechment policies with imperialist and communists and now they come…These Arabian officials around- some of them go into this Masjid, because it happens to be on Embassy Road- some of them are no longer ashamed to say “yes, we will meet with Zionist officials and establish diplomatic relations with the Zionist state.” In a Muslim’s vocabulary, that is like establishing diplomatic relations with Ash-Shaytaan himself. We know (that) the government in Egypt, Jordan, a couple of these governments in the Arabian Peninsula and a couple of these governments in Northern Africa have buddy-buddy diplomatic relations with this Zionist Shaytaani state. Brothers and sisters- we want to say this as a matter of clearing our conscience: for a long time Muslims have been fooled by the government in Saudi Arabia. Some Muslims think that this government represents Islam. The fact of the matter is that this government in Riyadh and Jeddah does not represent Islam, the Qur’an or the Shariah. Some of these officials have been meeting with these butchers of Muslims. One of the buried details of history- when the Israelis occupied Palestine in the Gulf of Aqaba, there is Saudi territory there and the Israelis occupied this Saudi territory. Because it’s minute and minuscule, no one talks about it. (Take a) look at what the difference is! There is Saudi territory that is occupied by the Israelis and the Saudis and their masters in Washington want to bury this fact and there is a small territory that is occupied by the Israelis in Southern Lebanon- Mazari’a Shib’a- the Farms of Shib’a and the Muslim-Islamic resistance in Lebanon is not silent about this occupation! Compare and contrast the Muslims in Lebanon with those who camera and camouflage themselves with Islam in Arabia. (Take a) look, brothers and sisters, today’s Yaum Al-Quds- the last day of Jum’ah in Ramadhan- the Israeli government has virtually barricaded all entrances into Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. It was expected that this year, millions of Muslims will congregate in Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa from all around the occupied territories and then we have the Israelis block all accesses to Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. We ask you- brothers and sisters, committed Muslims- what is the difference between this Israeli act and the Saudi act here in Washington DC. They tell us “we cannot go into this Masjid.” This is a Masjid and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa is a Masjid and the Israelis and the Saudis are acting equivalent to each other. This has been going on for 23-and-a-half years- you cannot see the Israeli character in the Saudi thawb?! You cannot see how Israel and Saudi Arabia are acting in tandem with each other. This is the climax of the Israeli destructive role in the globe, in the world, which is inclusive of the meanings of the ayah.
We have decreed in the book upon the Children of Isra’eel- that you will cause havoc on earth twice (Surah Al-Isra’ verse 4)
How much more substance do you want to this facade in Al-Ardh than to have the Israeli interest’s cloaked in Saudi policies? What is our (the Committed Muslims) sin and crime that the Saudi Arabian government has taken the fuse out of Makkah? This is the month of Ramadhan and Allah’s Prophet says from one salaat al-Jum’ah to the next (and) from one Ramadhan to the next is an atonement for sins as long as the cardinal sins themselves are avoided. Why do we have these Jum’ahs the way that they are defined by the syndicates of this global crime system that has taken over these Masajid and told us- the Muslims- you cannot speak about these ayaat in the Qur’an in the context of the facts, developments, issues and affairs of our current world? Where did this come from? This is the height of Israeli yahudi policies of destruction and corruption on earth. They take all of this away from us and they want us to be secular Muslims- “oh you can’t speak about politics what.” We can’t speak about politics?! What are these ayaat in the Qur’an? When Allah says
We have decreed in the book upon the Children of Isra’eel- that you will cause havoc on earth twice (Surah Al-Isra’ verse 4)
Is this not a political ayah par excellance? And the ayaat go on… We are not looking at one isolated ayah in the Qur’an, we have hundreds of ayaat in the Qur’an that speak to us about these issues around us today. Aren’t these (sequence of) ayaat describing and detailing for us the political, ideological, military and procedural developments that we are subject to? Brothers and sisters- this is not theory, these are not hypothetical ayaat; these ayaat are nourished and solidified by what is happening around us in the world, so why do we have preachers and false Muslims who come and tell us “No- don’t speak about theses ayaat in the House of Allah!” These are Allah’s ayaat- if we can’t express the ayaat of Allah in the House of Allah how good are we?

Is this Israeli false superiority going to continue until the end of time? We have an abundance of information available to us- it is not going to continue; it is going to come to an end- and it is beginning to come to that end. We can see and feel the venerability of this malignant cancerous military and political occupation of the Holy Land. What is it going to take? Do we need the advanced weaponry, armoury and arsenal that our enemies have? No! It’s not going to need that and the proof was presented to us just a few months ago. What did Hezbollah have? Did they have sophisticated fighter bombers? Did they have sub-marines in the Mediterranean across the Palestinian coast? Did they have satellites in space? Did they have nuclear technology or weapons of mass destruction? They didn’t have any of that- not one shred or fibre of it, yet what they did have was a principled commitment to Allah that if and when they face this Israeli Zionist enemy, they will do so with all their heart with every scintilla of energy in them and they will not be intimidated or terrorised by a nuclear Zionist Israeli nation state, whatever military gizmos it may have. Throughout almost five weeks what did they do to you and to me? They proved that all it is going to take is a resolute, unshakable determination to fight against this enemy and the enemy is still living the consequences of that debacle in South Lebanon. You can refer to the details of that in articles and journals by writers and researchers. The out come of it is that for the 1st time the Israeli population- all of these Zionist occupants of the Holy Land- felt for the 1st time that their day of reckoning has approached. What do you say about 1-1,5million of them who left Northern Palestine during those weeks of war or were hiding themselves deep down in their war shelters? What are we talking about? The Hezbollah force- only thousands of Muslims in Lebanon… imagine if there were only millions of Muslims around this occupied territory. Imagine what they would be able to do if they were fighting in the spirit of this Islamic resistance- Israel would seize to exist and it is seizing to exist.

This Prime Minister of theirs, was on a political journey to Moscow. What is he doing there? He is trying to convince the government in Russia not to be forthcoming in its military relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. When the Israeli Prime Minister himself goes on a mission like that, that means that Israeli subordinates are failing. The ruling class in the United States, France, Britian, Germany and in other European countries were trying to abort the build up of relevant technology in the Islamic State in Iran and they were failing. Now, comes out of his shell the Israeli Prime Minister to try to do the job himself. They are at the end of their rope. Then, we have some people who say that (these people obviously are not Muslims- these are Christians or jews) this Israel is the Israel of the bible. It is not the Israel of the bible. A very small detail of our current affairs would tell them that. They don’t want to take a look at what this Israeli army is doing in killing innocent children, bombing people in their homes, raiding families in the middle of the night, confiscating the water resource of farmers and labourers in Palestine, imposing all types of restrictions trying to kill the Palestinians by a thousand moves- if they cannot see that, and some of these Evangelicals unfortunately cannot see that- (take) a look at a simple fact right now that has reared its head out of this Israeli mess. It appears that the President of Israel, not the Prime Minister, is guilty of rape. We don’t know the further details to this, but can there be a biblical state whose President is a rapist? A simple moral fraction of a detail presented to these Evangelicals who say that this Israel is the Israel of the bible. That’s what we have, these are the facts that are staring at us in the eye. The only thing we have to do is open our eyes and don’t be smothered by this fear that has crept into some individuals here and there. Remember- Yaum Al-Quds some years ago- there were other participants in it who were wearing the same clothes that this speaker is wearing. We look around- just take a look- where are they? What happened? Is it their diplomacy has gotten us this far? They’ve been beating the path of diplomacy; they are working on one channel and those who are dedicated to Allah- who we have seen in Lebanon and those who are behind the scenes who are developing the necessary wherewithal in the Islamic state- the world takes notice of who? These diplomatic types or is it taking notice of those who are dedicated to Allah- the unknown ibaad, the unknown soldiers?!

Dear brothers and sisters, committed Muslims…
It is (as it appears), the will of Allah that Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, the 1st Qibla and the 3rd Haram are the measuring stick or yard of who we are? We have Islamic administrations, organisations, parties and personalities, but are they really up to par? The only way to gage that is how do they perform regarding this Holy Land issue? We have seen the hard work, tears, sweat and blood in certain sacrifices and jihad as was demonstrated in Lebanon and Palestine. Maybe some of you may not know- the information we have obtained to do to show you… During the war in Lebanon in July and August, those 30-odd days, Sayyed Hasan Nasrullah was observing a fast- the same fast that we are observing in Ramadhan. He was observing this fast in the three months that preceded or came before Ramadhan. Not only was he in the ritual sense very sensitive with his relationship with Allah, (but) he was also demonstrating this character in pursuing this war to its end- which he managed to do with the help and support of Allah- we can only say that. On the Palestinian side, (some of you may also not know), the elected Prime Minister of the Palestinians- Sayyed Ismael Haniyyah. He’s the Prime Minister- we guess we all know that- but maybe one detail that we don’t know is that he continues to live in Ash-Shati’ refugee camp. He lives just like the rest of the refugees. (He’s) probably the only Prime Minister in the history of the world who lives with his neighbours, family and people in a refugee camp. Compare these two individuals (and there are others) with those who classify themselves as the Islamic types and they are beating a trail to Washington, Europe and eventually to Tel Aviv. Some of them who have an Islamic background find themselves shaking hands with Zionist or imperialist officials. Can we say that Nasrullah and Haniyyah are like these others?! Do we have to name these others or do you know them very well? If you don’t, it’s about time you begin to familiarise yourself so that you can distinguish a sincere, devout, dedicated and principled Muslim from those who are trying to use this Islam, this Qur’an and this Prophet for their own purposes?